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How many liquid oz in a gallon of liquid?

Ounces in a gallon:

USA flag1 US liquid gallon = 128 US ounces

 British flag1 UK gallon = 160 UK ounces


Type a number into first input of each row in order to calculate between gallons, US ounces and UK ounces.

How many ounces are in a gallon:

The answer depends on which system do you use. If you are using US system the answer is:

1 US liquid gallon3.785411784 liters = 128 US ounces

If you are using UK system then the answer is as follows:

1 UK gallon4.54609 liters = 160 UK ounces

What is ounce (oz)

What is ounce (oz)?

Ounce is a unit of mass where it is used to measure different substances as used in most British derived customary system of measurement, for example there are 16 ounces in a pound .On the other hand ounce is a unit of measurement that can be used to measure volume of liquids, for example there are 8 ounces in a cup.The alternative spelling of ounce used to measure volume is fluid ounce where its a measure of volume that would be occupied by quantity of water that weighs one ounce . Other ounces in current use beside fluid ounce include:
  • troy ounce – commonly used for the mass of precious metals like gold.
  • ounce-force – its used as a measure of weight which is the force.
  • avoirdupois pound – used to measure packaged food, postal items and area density of fabric.
Ounce of weight should not be confused with fluid ounces because they aren’t the same.The conversion is only achieved if both densities are known.
1 ounce = 1/16 pound = 28.34952gram
What is fluid ounce (fl oz)

What is fluid ounce (fl oz)?

The fluid ounce is also known as capacity and is the unit that is used to measure volume; especially liquids. The unit of liquid volume, fluid ounce (US) is equal to 1.80 cubic inches and fluid ounce (UK) is equal to 1.73 cubic inches.

Though there are different definitions that were used in history, the common of them is the British Imperial fluid ounce and the US customary fluid ounce. A fluid ounce is also different from “ounce” as an ounce is a unit of mass/weight.

The fluid ounce as per its history is the volume that is occupied by one ounce of a liquid, like wine or water for example. There were various fluid ounces that have been used for centuries, in different countries. Some of the ounces that were used in international trade were the Troy Ounce, the Tower Ounce and the Avoirdupois Ounce.

The US ounce depends on the US gallon and after the adoption of the International Inch, the fluid ounce the US became 29.5735295625 ml.

 What is gallon (gal)

What is gallon (gal)?

When working with the United States customary system for liquid measurement. it is always handy to use a memory tool. Begin with a capital G for one gallon. Within the G right four cues for quarts. This represents 4 quarts in gallon. A quart is called a quart since it is a quarter of a gallon. Just as one 25 cent coin is a quarter or ¼ of a dollar. Within the cues right to peas four pints. This shows that there are two pints in a quart for a total of eight pints in a gallon. Continue on to write 2 C’s inside of each P the C stands for cup. There are 16 cups in a gallon. The memory tool is now complete. Showing the capital G is 1 gallon. A gallon is made up of 4 quarts or 8 pints or 16 cups. and 1 gallon is 3785.41(ML). This is the right answer that what is a gallon.

What is litre (l)

What is litre (L)?

We’re here to talk about one liter equals to how many gallons. Now I’m sure you’ve seen liters and gallons before when it comes to you know shopping for groceries or a connivance store things like that. You’ve seen I think more and more the 1 liter bottles of water or soda and you’ve also seen gallons of me half a gallon on one full gallon but you probably have suspected when it comes to looking at those beverages that a liter is less and smaller than a gallon. So in terms of conversions you have two completely different kinds of numbers here. But the one thing I want to keep in mind it will take a little getting used to is the fact that (1L = 0264gallons) that’s right one liter is actually just a little more than a quarter of a gallon. So basically one gallon is going to be around four liter. So that pretty much answers the question for you. One liter is equal to how many gallons.



Table showing conversion in both US and UK systems. You can check out here how many ounces in a gallon.

gal USA flag fl oz USA flag L gal British flag fl oz British flag L
1 128 3.785 1 160 4.546
2 256 7.571 2 320 9.092
3 384 11.356 3 480 13.638
4 512 15.142 4 640 18.184
5 640 18.927 5 800 22.73
6 768 22.712 6 960 27.277
7 896 26.498 7 1120 31.823
8 1024 30.283 8 1280 36.369
9 1152 34.069 9 1440 40.915
10 1280 37.854 10 1600 45.461
11 1408 41.64 11 1760 50.007
12 1536 45.425 12 1920 54.553
13 1664 49.21 13 2080 59.099
14 1792 52.996 14 2240 63.645
15 1920 56.781 15 2400 68.191

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